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Chapter : Love misconceptions
Author : [ profile] blursakana & [ profile] christelle143
Pairing: RyoPi (With mentions of NEWS )
Genre : Fluff, Angst, [I'm not so sure...]
Disclaimer : We don't own these hot boys at all :( so we dream~~! ^^wish we do own them :))

Previous chapters: < Chapter 1 > < Chapter 2 > < Chapter 3 > < Chapter 4 > < Chapter 5 > < Chapter 6 >

PREVIEW of the previous chapter:
Yamapi ran out of the bar, not minding the rain. He ran and ran until his legs couldn't carry him anymore.

Nande Ryo?! Nande?! What did I ever do wrong? I don't deserve this demo NANDE?!

Yamapi cried all his worries out, he let his heart pour out every feeling he had in him.

I won't be affected anymore Ryo-chan. I swear I won't let you play with me!


Yamapi slowed down his pace as he panted and started walking. He had no destination, not really sure where he should go to.

"So first that flirty voice, then Ryo-chan talks to me like...What am I to him?!" Yamapi thought as he stopped walking.
"...Ryo-chan...Seriously..." Yamapi suddenly muttered as he knelt down on the floor in the middle of the pavement.

"..Ya..Yamapi-san!!" A voice, panting away, shouted from behind. Yamapi rubbed his eyes with his sleeves and looked behind. He saw a girl, holding her heels,with no umbrella and running towards him.

"Rie...chan?!" Yamapi stood up and faced her. Rie stopped right in front of Yamapi and took a few seconds to catch her breath.
"Are- Are you ok?!" She panted, supporting herself by holding onto her knees and looked up to face yamapi,who in return gave her a concern look.

"Why did you run after me!?" he asked, shocked. Rie took a deep breath, and stood up straight.
"...If i didn't,I would be all alone there!" She said.
"And besides...I'm worried for you..." she muttered and looked away.
"huh?" Yamapi said, even though he clearly heard what she had said.
"..Oh nothing nothing!" Rie quickly denied.
"Let's quickly find a place to dry ourselves..." Yamapi said and turned around to walk.
"Ano!" Rie called out. "I...I live just around the corner! if you want..." She said.
"...I don't think it's such a good idea...i mean, you're a girl and I'm..Besides, we're both celebrities. Aren't you worried?" Yamapi said.
"Naa. its ok! I live with my manager-san anyways! so, i'll just give her a call!"
"Well, there's no reason to decline since she said so herself...and I don't wanna go home...should i...?! " Yamapi thought and as though she had read her mind, Rie smiled.

"Its ok its ok! come! let's go!" She said and pulled yamapi by his arm and left with her to her house.


Ryo was not himself the whole night. After what he said to Yamapi, He couldn't enjoy the party that was put together by the staff-san to celebrate the end of their filming.

"Nishikido-san...? Ni-shi-ki-do-san!" A voice called out real loud next to him.
"Ah,hai?!" Ryo snapped out of his dreaming state and looked at the person next to him.
"...They're leaving..." She whispered and Ryo stood up to say some greetings to the staff. When everyone left, it was just Ryo and his co-star, Kaoru.

"Are you ok?" Kaoru asked out of concern. "You're not yourself the whole night..."
Ryo forced a laugh. "You can tell?" Kaoru leaned forward and picked up her drink.
"I would be blind if i couldn't. Everyone else was laughing and you were the only one who had a solemn look!" She said. Kaoru placed her hand on Ryo's shoulder.
"Are you ok?" She asked, eyes filled with worry. Ryo nodded his head.
"Don't lie. Then why are you tearing!?" Kaoru pointed to Ryo's eyes.
Ryo wiped his eyes and muttered, "I'm just tired."
Kaoru let it rest and sighed. She placed her cup down on the table and made Ryo face her.
"What?" Ryo said.
Kaoru kept quiet and continued staring.
"...WHAT?!" Ryo said even louder.
Kaoru looked away.
Ryo laughed and said "You're really weird!"
Kaoru smiled.
"Well, that's your first smile tonight!"

Ryo thought for awhile and smiled. "It really was..." he said and finished his drink. He placed the cup and ordered another drink and so did Kaoru. When the drinks came and Ryo was about to take a sip, Kaoru stopped him.
"One shot." Kaoru smirked and challenged Ryo. Ryo gave an 'Are-you-sure' look to Kaoru and she nodded.
"You sure of this? Don't girls normally get drunk easily!?" Ryo asked and smirked at Kaoru.
"Don't worry about me and just do it!" Kaoru said and drank hers in one shot.

When she was done, she flipped her cup upside down to show Ryo that she had indeed drank everything in the cup. Ryo smirked and muttered "You asked for it..." and drank his in one shot too. Kaoru Smiled and clapped her hands. Both of them ordered another cup each kept finishing their drinks in one mouthful.

"As expected...She got drunk..." Ryo muttered as he walked down the streets, carrying Kaoru on his back. He sighed as he heard Kaoru make noise about not being drunk.
"Yes yes, You're not drunk. *sigh* Seriously,a girl shouldn't drink so much!" Ryo said. "Next time a girl challenges me, I'll DEFINITELY decline." he continued.

"hmmm...Nishiki-chan~~!" Kaoru suddenly cried out loud, giving Ryo a shock.
"...HUH?! Nishiki-chan!?"
"Don't worry~ everything will be fine...." Kaoru muttered and drifted to sleep.
"...Yeah, thanks." Ryo smiled and carried her back to her home.


"...uhmm..." Yamapi scringed his eyes and opened them as the sunlight shone through the windows. He sat up from a very comfortable sofa and looked around the place.
"...where am I...?" Yamapi muttered under his breath.

He closed his eyes again and leaned back on the sofa. Flashbacks of what happened in the club and what Ryo said echoed through his mind. Yamapi sighed and he could feel a tear slide down the side of his face and onto the sofa. All of a sudden, a cold towel was placed on his face and Yamapi sat straight. He removed the towel and saw a cheerful Rie smiling at him.

"Ohaiyou gozaimasu!" Rie bowed and looked at Yamapi. Yamapi smiled back and wiped his face with the towel before he replied "Ohaiyou gozaimasu" back to her.


Ryo stepped into the lobby of the jimusho with his sunglasses on, covering up the dark circles under his eyes. He flipped open his phone for the umpteenth time and still, no messages or calls from Yamapi. Ryo sighed and entered the elevator and approached NEWS' dressing room. Koyama was already there and so was Massu. Ryo greeted them both and headed straight for the sofa to catch some more sleep. Massu still had his doubts about Ryo and Yamapi.

About half an hour later, Yamapi came in with a cheerful look and greeted everyone. He noticed Ryo sleeping on the sofa and just walked to the table and placed his bag there, before he took out his phone and started typing something. Massu noticed the distance between the 2 of them and he was convinced that they had nothing going on between them both.

"Ne, Pi...You didn't go home last night? you're still wearing yesterday's clothes." Koyama asked.
Ryo heard that but kept his eyes closed. Yamapi looked over at Ryo and answered Koyama's question.
"Yeah. I went to...Toma's place..." He smiled at Koyama.
"Liar." Ryo thought to himself.
"I'm going shower..." Yamapi said after he got out spare clothes from his locker which he always kept just in case he had to stay over in the jimusho. Without looking at Ryo, he walked past him and stepped into the showers.

"something's definitely going on between this two..." Koyama said as he sat down next to Massu.
"...huh?" Massu replied.
"Yesterday, they were sooo in love with each other and today, they're acting like they barely know each other! something must've happened."
Massu choked on his drink. He looked up and stared at Koyama.
"...what?" Koyama asked. "You didn't know!?"
Massu shook his head.
"Oh yes! You were late yesterday! Well, Yamapi and Ryo are..." Koyama said and gave a sign that meant that those 2 were together. Massu dropped his bottle.

"...Are you serious...?!?" Massu widened his eyes and fell back into the sofa.
"It was real..." Massu said and closed his eyes in shock.


It was time for their rehearsal and everyone as walking out of the room. Yamapi was about to leave the door when he felt an arm pulled him back. Yamapi moved back and watched as Ryo closed the door.

"What?" Yamapi said nonchalantly.
"Pi, about last night I.." Ryo said but Yamapi stopped him.
"What happened last night,It's YOUR business. I don't want to know." He said and leaned on the wall.
"I...Pi, Please listen to me! I..."
"I don't understand. One minute you say you love me, the next minute you suspect me with another girl."
"and YOU yourself goes playing with another girl. You don't have to be with me just because I say I like you, you know!" Yamapi said, Starting to get agitated.
"Seriously! It's not what you think!"
"Then WHAT do you want me to THINK?! I don't KNOW what's right what's wrong anymore!"

Ryo took a deep sigh.
"YAMASHITA TOMOHISA! LISTEN TO ME DAMN IT!" Ryo raised his voice and pinned Yamapi onto the wall from where pi was standing. Yamapi looked at Ryo, shocked and eyes widened.
"Look, Yesterday night, I..."

Ryo was about to continue on when they heard the door open and they both saw Tegoshi and Shige, the 2 youngest members,who had came to get Ryo and Yamapi as instructed by their managers. When they saw Ryo and Yamapi, they knew they had came in at the wrong time.

"ano..." Shige said.
"We're here to tell you that your managers are hurrying you 2. so after you both are...done, Please hurry to the studio, we'll leave you now JA NEEE~~!" Tegoshi said super quick and left.

Ryo sighed and moved away from Yamapi.
"we'll...continue this tonight. no matter what,I'm dragging you home with me as SOON as this is over." Ryo stared and left the room. Yamapi calmed himself down and left the room soon after.

Hai!! This is Chapter 7! Gomen ne minna, I took soooo long! WELL~! I had a few days off from school and now, i'm preparing for my nationals!
What do you think of tihs chapter?? please do tell me ne! and i believe i've made a few grammer mistakes...Gomenasai!! Well, Enjoy~! AND happy 101010 minna~! HAHA *random*


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