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#1 : Hidden meme^^ From Dear[ profile] fechan_news 

1.  bluiiee, tsukixyama,
2.  kimoola m1u_12 mimi_kamenashi therecklessgirl
3.  babyshazam  jadeyeap
4.  cowdungs fechan_news ryui_suki
5.  jemaelutao mel_cchibi 
6.  aprilchaos_88 bluiiee jadeyeap qiqi1988 xxyamapilovexx naoki_aizawa
7.  fechan_news mimi_kamenashi therecklessgirl qiqi1988
8.  christelle143 mel_cchibi
9.  aprilchaos_88 aka_hanachan mori_agare nasyirayamapi, ryui_suki naoki_aizawa
10. chynn23 aprilchaos_88 fechan_news jemaelutao jadeyeap naoki_aizawa
11.  bluiiee divineangel17
12.  ryo_smile,
13.  heart_m,
14. bluiiee chynn23 mel_cchibi shiryuu_az,
15. i don't think of anyone as this^^
16.  naoki_aizawa
17. i really don't know this one...
18. cowdungs
19.  aka_hanachan fechan_news tsukixyama
20. shiryuu_az,
21. (minna here~ i meant this in a good way!) cowdungs bluiiee tsukixyama ME included!! hehehe xD
22.  heart_m, mel_cchibi shiryuu_az,
23. aprilchaos_88 bluiiee divineangel17 jadeyeap jemaelutao kimoola m1u_12 naoki_aizawa nasyirayamapi, qiqi1988 xxyamapilovexx
24. aka_hanachan babyshazam  nasyirayamapi,
25. aka_hanachan mori_agare tsukixyama
26. babyshazam xxyamapilovexx
27. bluiiee m1u_12 ryo_smile,
28. ALL you lovelies who are in my F-List~! My beloved NEWSfamily^^

Well, I think of everyone and ANYONE for the above qns HAHAHA!! so everyone is EVERYTHING~! heheheh^^

#2 : "Stolen" meme LOL from [ profile] kimoola , Ria Nee-chan~!^^
10 things I'd like to tell to 10 different people right now (No names)
No names huh...but can i use their alphabets!? i wanna remember who i wrote it to like...say 5 days from now. LOL pleasee~!

1*I - I LOVE YOU ! *hugs* and i will never forget our facebook critiques! oh the fun we do with song lyrics~!

2* K - I LOVE YOU ! except, at times i really feel like killing you but, well~I wanna kill u in a good way. That's part of my love for you too!

3*A -Just one year. ONE more year (or 9 mths) left. tolerate, tolerate...but really. can you please watch what you say? It hurts you know. Think before you speak.

4*I miss you all x_x! i miss the times we randomly made up stories there... I missed the times we chatted all night long...i miss going home to find all ur CR notifications for me...but because we are all busy now...and I don't talk so much with you guys...i'm afraid all of u will forget me...But i love you all still. No matter where you all are, We have to keep in touch^^

5*I Wanna go back and stay with you for another weekend! i miss you loads! Sometimes when u don't reply my mails, I get so scared that you will forget me like how some of ur schoolmates forgot my friends:( but i am i glad that you do! and for 2 years, or 3, we've been keeping in contact. I am really happy! xD I am really happy that i'm someone special in my life. I hope you know that you are too! I don't know what i'll become if i don't know you...

6*I am upset and angry at the way you treat my host and my brother. You CHEAPO! a stupid chocolate for a speaker?! DREAM.ON. and i heard you went around showing off?! seriously! just thinking back makes me flare up. y So here's the deal. Don't appear in front of me asking me abt my host, because i know how you have been complaining about my host and everything. WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! Hypocrite.
7*My dear 最高の友! Honestly, You are the TOTAL opposite of me and i KNOW you know that. JC you've gone and i'm still where i am. Council you have left me alone but in 2008, we've been to camps after camps. I've known you since i was...what? 6 and still an annoying,Irritating,令人讨厌的 brat. you even hated me! i was THAT BAD, Yes i know now=.= In 5 more years, we'll be going to our BELOVED JAPAN together! In the meantime, Let's work hard wherever we are. REMINDER: Better write KFG soon before i lose my patience uh! *acts like a yankee* LOL TomaPi FTW~!

8*Graduated you are! but i know we will still keep in touch! because we have the ever-so-kakoii Johnny's boys to relate to! I am so glad! Glad that i know you. Glad that i know your sister too. Glad that you are a JE fan like me!!!!! *kyaaaaa* will nvr forget 0202.2011. We watched NEWS LIVE LIVE LIVE tgt~!^^ You are my dear おっさん~!

9*A fellow virgo. I love you. We even have the same blood type! Damn we know too much about each other it's sometimes freaky! LOL! I'm glad for 2008. I'm really happy to know you even though i know what ppl say about u....looking for me when the others are off on their own. I know its not like that even though we kinda didnt talk in 2009... and 2010=.=
10*( i know i'm breaking the rules, but technically, i'm not! this goes to all of you if u ever read this! )
I am sorry.. If i ever weren't a good friend to any of you. i know that i don't visit your LJ(s) Much...or i dont wish you on ur birthdays...i just...i wanna treasure our friendship...and if i ever forget how to address you, i hope you will forgive me...I may forget a lot of things. but i do not wish to forget you as a person. so please don't forget me if i go on hiatus...

9 things that (maybe) you don't know about me
1* I don't like to be lonely... :( When people don't talk to me,for eg. or when i'm like, left out...i feel so weak. not independant..
2* I, am a brat. A loud, Noisy, annoying, Whiny, Weird, NEWSpamming, BRAT^^ and proud of it! HELL YEAH XD
3* I feel bad for not replying to you, for not visiting you guys' LJs...and if i said something wrong...or something embarassing!
4* I complain a lot? 
5* I am fairly shy (><) I don't know what to say at a LOT of times and...i don't dare to say stuff...even when i'm online =.= 
6*I don't make sense to make sense WHOOOOO xD LOL
7* I have never fallen in love^^;;; (In real life =.= AND EXCLUDING NEWS^^;)
8* I read YAOI fics (and written some xD still wanna write...if not for my national exam end of the year =.= )
9* I LOVE YOU^^!

8 ways to steal my heart:
2* If you're taller than me...
3* It'll be a bonus if you actually look GOOD in specs *dreams*
4* If you look good with hair thats not too long not too short xD...
5* If you could sing~
6* BONUS for being Japanese LOL! 
7* if he's muscular~!
8* If you're funny^^
(I think i just described Johnny's guys LOL! But i really don't know xD)

7 things I often think of
1*  Living and studying in Japan~
2* Meeting NEWS and going to JE concerts!
3* Going to Japan AGAIN with the same crew of Japan exchange 2008!
4* Living the lives of NEWS members haha!^^ (singing / acting / being famous)
5* Meeting Emi again...
6* Working in JE xD

6 things I wish I never did
1* I wish i never talked to her about my beloved NEWS...
2* I wish i never talked to her(another her) about Japan.
3* I wish i never stopped learning Japanese...
4* I wish I never told you i would be going to Japan exchange in 2008..
5* I wish I never became emo during Japan exchange and waste precious time on the bus with my fellow LJ-ians:(
6* I wish i never felt jealous and became sad and alone...instead joined my friends when they talked with the seniors...

5 things that gross me out in a boy
1* Doing Horrible things in public!
2* One who doesn't treasure the people around him.
3* A freaking FLIRT. 
4* A liar .
5* Someone who's violent.

4 things that start me up in a boy
By this, does it mean what i start to notice in the guy?
1* Being nice and polite^^
2* Someone who's a gentleman...
3* Someone who is handsome <3<3
4* Someone who has common topic with me??

3 emoticons that describe my life
1* (^o^)
2* (\o/)

1 confession
* I am not who i seem to be. I may be happy, but i could very well be sad. I seem tough, but i am actually very weak. I don't hide my emotions well and i hate hate HATE it when people say/do things to hurt my friends and family. I sincerely wished to be able to become a good friend. But sometimes its just impossible. I do things without thinking and I tend to do/say wrong things without meaning to. But I love all of you because you took time to know me... There. That's my confession.

omg..that took some time to do=.= Or rather...i was kinda lazy to post it up...Oh well.. HERE IT IS^^ hahah xD
One of these days. I'm gonna look back at this meme and laugh, thinking: "omg i wrote this?! SO EMBARASSING (><)"

I wrote this on my Chinese New Year holiday! it is~!^^ hehee
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