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Chapter : Love misconceptions
Author : [ profile] blursakana & [ profile] christelle143
Pairing: RyoPi (With mentions of NEWS )
Genre : Fluff, Angst, [I'm not so sure...]
Disclaimer : We don't own these hot boys at all :( so we dream~~! ^^wish we do own them :))

Previous chapters: < Chapter 1 > < Chapter 2 > < Chapter 3 > < Chapter 4 > < Chapter 5 > < Chapter 6 >

PREVIEW of the previous chapter:
Yamapi ran out of the bar, not minding the rain. He ran and ran until his legs couldn't carry him anymore.

Nande Ryo?! Nande?! What did I ever do wrong? I don't deserve this demo NANDE?!

Yamapi cried all his worries out, he let his heart pour out every feeling he had in him.

I won't be affected anymore Ryo-chan. I swear I won't let you play with me!


He had no destination, not really sure where he should go to. )

Hai!! This is Chapter 7! Gomen ne minna, I took soooo long! WELL~! I had a few days off from school and now, i'm preparing for my nationals!
What do you think of tihs chapter?? please do tell me ne! and i believe i've made a few grammer mistakes...Gomenasai!! Well, Enjoy~! AND happy 101010 minna~! HAHA *random*


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Title : Love for sweets
Author: [ profile] blursakana
Pairing: Yamapi x Ryo-chan
Genre : Romance , fluff (?)
Disclaimer I don't own any of these hot guys unfortunately >_<


"I'm sorry for being jealous of the desserts." )

~ Owarimashita!~


haha I just suddenly thought of this...So, i kinda wrote this on impulse...
It's kinda short deshou? hahaxD
Please tell me what you think ne! xD And Do feel free to point out any errors! ^^


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