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Gonna do some meme cause I'm being tagged to and because i have nothing better to do...(thats not true haha^^)

Tagged by [ profile] fechan_news 

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 10 things about yourself in your journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal.
(4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.)
5. No tag-backs.

Yosh~! Let's get this started! hahah xD However, I honestly don't think 10 facts is enough 0.o

1*I LOVE NEWS! and that is a given~! I simply can-NOT resist the charms of this 6 lovable guys from            Johnny's!...CAN YOU!? I definitely have absolutely NO form of resistance towards them LOL! I don't even have an ICHIBAN can u believe that =.= I am proud of that! I don't want to admit but i love them so much i feel stalker-ish 0.o anyways, PROUD TO BE A NEWS FAN!!^^

2*[ profile] heart_m was the one who intro-ed me to NEWS! She first intro-ed to me Nobuta! And I FELL-IN-LOVE with that show~ *AKIRA!!* and hmm..after which she showed me SUMMER TIME! then from then on, my life revolved around NEWS and Japan~! hahaha^^ THANK GOD^^! Now it's my turn to get her back to Jpop/NEWS!~ (not like she has ever left but...)

3*I secretly want to LIVE the life of NEWS' members xD! I mean, yeah hahaha xD

4*I wanna write ALL kinds of fics~! and i do mean ALL! hahaha^^ but then again, i don't even know what i should do 0.o My creativity lvl is like... *shinnnnnnnnn* Practically Empty hahahah!

...I confess. I love to read yaoi fics~!^^ Well, because it's fake (sadly) I can accept~!^^

6*I hate lonliness! i hate to be lonely. This, I openly declare! I don't like the feeling of being alone...I feel really lost:( haha...I just hate the feeling of loneliness! and i hate to see others, people i know, being alone too...haha! Weird huh 0.o...

7*I LOVE being on twitter and LJ! because NEWSfamily makes it really interesting and FUN! Talking with everyone makes me happy^^ I'm happy to meet all of you~ both in LJ and on twitter~!^^ *NEWShugs to all of you*

8* I am a very shy person...I don't dare to add ppl on my own... unless they talk to me or add me first... I wonder why...habit?? haha most of you talk / add me first right?? hahah^^ really thank you for that^^

9*I love to sing, love to talk! but i can't sing in front of many ppl (which is why i have never sung in karaoke least not alone...haha) and I can't talk much with ppl I have nothing in common with or if i'm not close to them and probably if i hate their guts...And if i just don't want to say something stupid like in front of my seniors for example. I realised this when my schoolmates from council told me "You need to talk more." and i just laugh it away^^ 

10*(Oh wow its already the last?! haha) lets see...oh yes! In 2008,I fell in love with NEWS, like officially! and in the end of the year, i was able to go for Japan exchange! I love that trip the most out of all my overseas trips with school! (welll, DUH! it's JAPAN!!) I was priviledged to meet a really kind host who til now, i'm still sending mails with^^ I really enjoyed this trip! With all my seniors and friends(LJ-ians) [ profile] heart_m also went^^! and really...this was what made me fell deeper in love with JAPAN! I miss JapanExchange2008!! DX

And there we have it! 10 facts about me! which i still feel uneasy about...keep thinking i'm missing out on something =.= *sigh* hahaha xD right! 10 ppl to tag!! ufufufufu~! D

1*[ profile] heart_m 
2*[ profile] tsukixyama 
3*[ profile] mimi_kamenashi 
4*[ profile] therecklessgirl 
5*[ profile] cowdungs 
6*[ profile] jadeyeap 
7*[ profile] mel_cchibi 
8*[ profile] aka_hanachan 
9*[ profile] overtaxmon 
10*[ profile] nasyirayamapi 

I hope u won't mind me tagging u hehehe xD
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